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Operations Manager

As an Operations Manager everything eventually hits your plate. You are expected to oversee and ensure proper execution of many different transactions to ensure product is received, available, shipped, transferred or produced on time. When there is an issue, you are expected to identify and handle the exceptions, research history and follow up with people within and outside your department. In short, you need to be up to date on everything, all at once. The Operation Transaction Center’s Item Hub is a great place to start, providing single screen access to multiple inquires and activities.... READ MORE

Executives or Business Owners

As a Business Owner or company executive you need to be as efficient as possible with your time and need to be able know your numbers, make sure you are meeting your customer’s expectations and monitor and control your businesses’ operations. The Operation Transaction Center’s Customer Hub is a great place to start multiple inquires and activities.... READ MORE


As a Salesperson you need accurate and up to date information to power your ability to develop new business. You’ll want to know how your quotes and orders are performing, the history of a customer you are about to call upon, any outstanding support and service issues, results from Marketing campaigns and of course pricing and availability for your products. The Operation Transaction Center’s Customer Hub is a great place to start multiple inquires and activities.... READ MORE

Customer Service Representatives

As a Customer Service Representative or CSR your customers are counting on you to answer their questions and/or take their orders (and sometimes both!) and they don’t like to wait. While you might have an idea of who the customer is when you begin the conversation, you could get asked about any number of topics. Examples include shipment status and tracking information, did they get their credit for a return, price and availability for certain items, to re-order based on a previous sale, etc. You need to be nimble, and so does your system. The Operation Transaction Center’s Customer Hub is a great place to start multiple inquires and activities.... READ MORE

You can start unfilteredYou can start with a filter to just records where you are linked as the salesperson, which will automatically persist as you toggle through the different tabs. You can look at your open or closed historical quotes or orders, and choose display item details to see more information, and even review approved versus your unapproved orders.

Next, let’s see what’s happening with the customer we’re about to speak with. You can filter easily on the customer, and then toggle through several key tabs to gain insight about the customer relationship, you can start with Activities and see notes and tasks that have been added, look over Opportunities to see and or review what ongoing negotiations we are engaged in, switch over to Service to review equipment cards, service contracts and service calls, or even review campaigns to see the responses to the marketing department’s efforts. Finally, while talking with the customer, you can use Price and Availability to see which products were previously sold, pricing including special prices, available inventory, and related information such as the Last Prices report.

There are many other uses for the Customer Hub and other OTC areas, but hopefully this video has given you some insight on how utilizing the Operations Transaction Center for SAP Business One can help you make you day better as a Salesperson. If you have any questions or would like to enable OTC for your SAP Business One system, please fill out the form on this page. Thank you!

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The Resolv Operations Transaction Center is available for SAP Business
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